How to Create a Custom Professional Business Email Address

Create Custom Professional Email Address

Do you need to create a professional business email address for your business or your blog? And for free? The professional email address is great for all website owners, and especially those who deal with other business owners or with customers. In this post, I will show you how to create your free professional email address with 7 easy steps in less than 5 minutes.

If you have a website with your own domain name, you can easily set up a custom email address with your domain name for no additional charge. If you don't, and you are interested in creating your website, here is my step-by-step guide that helps you create your blog in less than 20 minutes.

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What is a professional email address?

A business email address uses a business name or website domain instead of what most people use, like the Gmail or Yahoo account. You can easily create your business email address with your name and domain or brand name, like [email protected], or just like [email protected] if you are a team.

Why do you need a professional email address?

It has become more difficult for customers to trust generic email addresses as business email accounts because anyone can create a generic email account (s). That's why a professional email address can help you gain customer trust as a legitimate business.

A professional email address brings a professional approach to your business, ensuring that the public remembers your business name. In other words, every email you send with your business email address helps you to promote your brand.

How to Choose a Professional Email Address

It can be pretty challenging to choose a professional email address since it's as important as the domain. No matter how trusty your domain is, nobody can take you seriously if you choose an email like "[email protected]". But, as you'll see, there are plenty of ways to choose the right professional business email address.

Here are some ideas and examples to help you create a professional business email address.

You can combine your names.

Use also your middle name.

Or use first initials.

Shorten your names.

Be more creative and combine your name with your city or profession.

How To Create A Custom Professional Business Email Address In 8 Easy Steps?

The best part is that you can create your own custom email address for free. So if you want that your clients take you seriously, then you need to start using one immediately.

Here is the complete step by step tutorial to create your free professional email address with Bluehost.

Please note that the steps of creating a custom email are pretty much the same with other hosting platforms that offer cPanel like HostGator, SiteGround, or InMotion Hosting.

  1. To start, go to the Bluehost homepage and click the Login link on the top right-hand.

    Bluehost Homepage
  2. Enter your information to log into the BlueHost cPanel.

    Bluehost Login Forum
  3. Click the Advanced tab in the left-hand sidebar.

    Bluehost Advanced Tab
  4. Scroll down and look for Email Accounts in the EMAIL section.

    Bluehost Email Section
  5. Now, click the +CREATE blue button on your right hand.

    Bluehost Email Account
  6. Fill in the username and the password fields for your email account, then click on the +CREATE blue button at the bottom of the page.

    Bluehost Create Email Account

Start with 100MB storage space is enough, unless you get plenty of emails with large attachments.

Once Bluehost creates your email account, you will see a success message.

  1. Now that your free business email account is created, you will be directed back to the Email Accounts page.

    Bluehost Check Email Account

You'll see your new email address listed there.

  1. Click on the CHECK EMAIL link, and then choose your default webmail application through Bluehost's partners to manage your email account.

    Bluehost Webmail Application

Now, you can access your email account directly through Bluehost's dashboard by clicking the CHECK EMAIL link.

Bluehost Check Email Accounts

Please note that next time when you want to log to your email accounts, go to the Bluehost homepage, click Login, then choose the Webmail Login option.

Bluehost Webmail Login

There are many other useful features that can help you to manage your new email account. You can also set up your business email with your personal email accounts like Outlook, Gmail, or any Mail app. I'll go through these options in a future blog post.

I hope that this post was helpful, if you have any suggestions or you find any difficulty, feel free to drop me a line in the comments below.

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments below!