The 20 Best Ways to Make Money with a Travel Blog

The 20 best Ways to Make Money with a Travel Blog

How to earn money with a travel blog?

Personally, I don't have a travel blog but I work with digital entrepreneurs of all kinds, Who generate their income based on a blog, web, e-commerce, app, etc. And I do it online while traveling.

So, travelers, I'm going to share with you in this post, all the information that I have learned and put into practice in last years, and try to make this post as complete as possible so you can monetize your travel blog or your tourism site. And thus achieve the lifestyle you are looking for.

In this article, I am not only telling you how to make money with a travel blog. But I also show you examples of how other travel blogs do it.

20 Ways to Make Money With A Travel Blog

# 1 Save on accommodation by recommending Airbnb is a popular website that connects people who travel with others who want to rent their home or apartment for days or periods. Generally, these are very beautiful, comfortable, and well-decorated places to make a short stay as pleasant as possible.

Airbnb offers a referral system that will earn you $25 credit for each person who uses your link to book with them. You will never really see any money, you can only use that balance to continue using the Airbnb system.

Likewise, if the person you sent to your link (affiliate link) is hosting someone, you will receive a credit worth $ 75 in return for staying with Airbnb.

Airbnb provides you with an invitation code (affiliate link) so that you can send it to your friends or your associates by email, Facebook, Twitter...

To use this system to make money with a travel blog, you can send your affiliate link to your subscribers along with the weekly newsletter stating how both parties would benefit. You can also post it periodically on Facebook or tweet.

Another good option would be to design a banner ad (static or animated) and place it in the sidebar of your blog. Then link the image to your affiliate link which would take the user to the Airbnb page to complete the subscription and booking process.

# 2 Write a book about your travel experiences and sell it through Amazon or your own blog

Make money with your blog by writing a travel book. For example, you can write a book like "Travel Guide: Best Destinations in Southeast Asia" or like "How to Travel the World on a Budget" and thousands more. It can be probably in digital format at the beginning (PDF) and then you can even make it in print format and sell it from your blog or specific platforms.

# 3 Recommend the books you read on your trip

You'll place an Amazon button on your website with your personal link, and for every purchase your readers make, Amazon will pay you a commission. Likewise, you can recommend travel guides in paper or digital format. Lonely Planet guides in hard copy are usually a good option.

You will see more of the same ways to earn money with your travel blog at the end of the article: How to Earn Commissions with a Travel Blog through Affiliate Marketing.

# 4 Earn money selling internet photos of your trips

Earn money by selling photos of your trips. the sale is done in image banks (micro-stock sites) where you register, your photos are uploaded with the idea of collecting royalties for each sale. Example: iStockphoto, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, etc.

Who buys photos today? Magazines and publishers regularly buy professional photos for their publications. Graphic designers and web designers also for their creations. Any use of protected photos involves the payment of a royalty.

# 5 Offer your services as a travel consultant

How much time do we waste looking for information before going on a trip? Let's say that one of your blog readers doesn't have the time but the money to pay you for a few consultations or to organize a trip according to their tastes. An easy way to make money with your travel blog is to offer a travel advice service. Depending on your travel style (backpack, couple, family, luxury, super luxury?), You might find a niche market interested in “buying” a package of 1 to 4 Skype sessions to help them plan their trips based on your experience.

# 6 Compose tourist packages and present yourself as a travel guide

Earn money as a Travel Counselor is similar to the previous method. But in this case, you organize the trip: tickets, stay, planning of food expenses, dates, and everything travelers need. Applying your travel experience will cut costs. This way you will ensure whoever purchases the tour package has a great trip since you will go with them.

# 7 Offer your services while you travel

If you are a writer, editor, translator, or you teach something, etc. You can continue to offer your services from physical to digital. An example that works very well is the case of web and graphic designers who work for their clients when they travel and receive their payments in a PayPal account and spend their expenses by credit card.

# 8 Create a mobile application related to travel and tourism

Earn money with a mobile app This option is more for programmers and developers or those who can invest in development. It's about creating an app for mobile devices based on your travel experience and even with your own travel photos. You receive payments per download or for each time they purchase the premium version of your app. There is also the possibility of placing third party advertisements.

# 9 Google AdSense advertising

It's those advertisements that we see on various websites that advertise something that we are interested in based on our research previously done on the internet. Google will pay you for each click that users make on an ad. Ideal for those who have many quality web visits. What do we mean by quality web visits or traffic? »Google pays more for each click, for example, depending on the niche, country, the language of origin of users. The theme of your blog also influences (tourism is one of the highest-paid topics).

# 10 Find sponsors to sponsor your trip and promote their brand on your blog

Of course, it's not easy to find someone who wants to pay a stranger, but if your blog shows that they are getting enough visits per month, from which countries and their quality, etc. It won't be very difficult for you to find a sponsor.

# 11 Create YouTube videos of your travels and monetize them

Make money with your blog making videos on Youtube. In these videos, you show the places you visit and tell the story of the place. Monetizing videos on Youtube is very easy. When you choose to monetize your videos, users will see banner ads before or during playback.

# 12 Create tourist video packages and sell them on your blog or website

Unlike the previous case, instead of uploading them to YouTube to promote them, you can sell them as a digital product on your travel blog or tourism website. For example, if you go to Peru and take videos of Cusco, Machu Picchu, Arequipa, Lima, and other places, you will be able to sell access to these videos as a closed package, a sort of video tour guide on your own website.

# 13 Create a paid webinar on your travel experience

Make Money With Your Travel Blog - A webinar is a virtual seminar (a conference, a workshop) carried out on a digital platform where you will give a presentation, usually through PowerPoint slides and webinar attendees will listen to you and may ask questions. Webinars can be free to capture potential audience/customers or paid with premium and more advanced content.

# 14 Create an online course on what you do best

You can create a series of videos, for example on how to organize your trip cheaply and sell it on specific platforms such as Udemy or Coursera. Another option is to simply build your course on an activity that you consider yourself to be an expert in and sell it on Udemy or another similar platform. Example: cooking class, programming, web design, exercise, and healthy lifestyle, there are thousands of possibilities, even a class that teaches how to create its own online class.

# 15 Install in your blog an online store of products related to travel and tourism

Earn money with your online store. Something more complicated than the above is to create your own online store on your travel website or blog, but you will need to delegate the shipment to someone (logistics) if you are already traveling. Another way to make money with your travel blog is to sell products related to your website's central theme through the Amazon product store. Example: If your blog/website is about adventure tourism, you can sell hiking shoes with accessories needed for this activity. The Amazon store displays the product online, receives payment, sends the order to the seller, and then they send you the commission per sale.

How to Earn Commissions with a Travel Blog through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing with a Travel Blog

Another option that is increasingly seen on travel websites is the affiliate programs of major travel companies.
Making money with a travel blog from commissions paid by tourism-related companies is not complicated.
These include, for example, commissions for hotel reservations, purchase of plane tickets, cruises, vehicle rental (car rental), which your users make through your blog or travel site.
Let's see some examples:

# 16 Airline Affiliate Programs

Make money with your travel blog with Airline Tickets with, unlike other companies, offers an affiliate program without needing to be registered as a travel agency (although it also offers this option). This includes not only flights but also hotel reservations, car rentals, tour packages, and more.

Make Money with Your Travel Blog Using the SkyScannerBusiness Widget.

Another option that I haven't tried yet but which looks promising is the Skyscanner for Business Affiliate Program. It offers several simple solutions to integrate into your travel blog, for example, widgets for your sidebar and the white label search box (i.e. without the Skyscanner brand).

# 17 Insurance Company Affiliate Programs (Travel Insurance) offers the ability to recommend this travel insurance and receive a commission in return. This Australian company covers its insurance policy on various types of accidents that may arise during a trip. You will find the affiliate program on the footer. I have tested and installed it on several clients' websites and it works perfectly.

# 18 Car Rental Affiliate Programs, in terms of car rental (car rental), there is the option to join the affiliate program which seems like a very serious option to earn money through your blog.

# 19 Affiliate programs for hotel reservations offers a free affiliate marketing program and pays a minimum commission of 25% via PayPal or international bank transfer when they reach 100 dollars. On the other hand, if you have set up your blog with (I hope so because it is the best option), they offer you a simple plugin so that you can integrate the search box without having any programming knowledge. I use it regularly and it works great.

Here are two other alternatives that I haven't tried yet: the Hostelworld Affiliate Program and the Hostelbookers Affiliate Program. Both provide a search box to incorporate into your travel blog.

# 20 Create niche pages and travel the world.

I wanted to separate this point from the others because it is about creating a page completely independent of your travel blog. Also because the niche you choose may or may not be travel. Either way, it's a great way to earn passive income and travel the world.

I will divide it into 2 parts to explain:

The idea is to create a page with useful and relevant content so that it appears in the first Google search results. The page in question should relate to a specific topic that you are familiar with. In other words, on a specific market niche (hence the name: niche pages).

Examples of niches:

Travel example: travel insurance, car rental, cheap flights.

General examples: electronic book readers (Kindle).

Earn commissions with affiliate marketing.

You will be promoting a product related to its theme on the niche page. For every sale you make of a certain product/service, you will receive a commission from the company that produces it.

Examples of products/services:

Travel example: Promote World Nomads traveler insurance and earn commissions. Or promote rental cars on or Skyscanner flights and also earn money from commissions.

General examples: Sell the Kindles (eBook readers) on your niche page through the affiliate links offered by Amazon. (It depends on your niche market country, due to shipping).

In summary:

  • # 1 Position a niche page in the first results of Google on a specific topic.
  • # 2 Promote a product/service related to the topic of the niche page on the page.
  • # 3 Earn commissions on sales of products/services.

End of the article, finally!

There are no more excuses to not make money with a travel blog and start living the lifestyle you dream of.

Although at the beginning it costs a bit of work. but several of us do it, why not you!!

I hope you liked this article, If so, share it with friends!!

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments below!