How to Choose the Perfect Niche for your Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Choose perfect niche

Choosing the perfect niche for your blog is the first step to take when starting your business. The importance of choosing the right niche lies in understanding, who you are writing for, as well as knowing the ideal client for your service in order to monetize your blog in the future, and knowing who to design your products for.

What happens if you choose the wrong niche for your blog?

Several things can happen, for example, you find that the sixth month of your blog's life and you have no subscribers on your list, and you receive any comments. This will surely discourage you to the point to give up your blog.

The worst part is that you are totally determined to continue with your blog and after a year, for example, you realize that all the work you have done was poorly focused and you have to start all over again.

With 90% inactive blogs, it's better to focus or specialize in a certain market niche.

In this article, I will explain to you, one by one the reasons for abandonment that you need to avoid and the best way to choose the perfect niche for your blog.

And finally, in the end, I have put together a list with the steps to follow after choosing the perfect niche for your blog.

I have developed a 3-step methodology that will allow you to find a good niche for your blog:

  • Step 1 - Define what do you like?
  • Step 2 - Define what can you do?
  • Step 3 - Understand what do people need?

Step 1 - What do you like?

The first question you have to ask yourself when choosing a niche for your blog is what do you like? or better, what are you passionate about?

You should know that trying to run a business through a blog without talking about something you like is a bad idea.

You must dedicate yourself to what you are really passionate about because in this business model, strongly based on the development of a personal blog, at the beginning you must write a lot. One or two articles a week minimum until Google and the other search engines give you relevance and index your content.

You must pay a "floor fee" with the search engines at the beginning. Therefore you must write a lot and constantly especially when you are starting. Can you imagine doing this on a topic that does not interest you even if it's profitable?

The blogs that do not present new content or remain inactive throughout their release usually disappear. Unfortunately, they are usually 90% of them.

Exercise: Make a list by points (items) and write down everything you like or you are passionate about. Put one low point from the other on a sheet of paper. Now take another sheet and based on the previous list build a new one. Just write down which of the above activities you are really passionate about.

Now, let's go to step 2.

Steps 2 - What can you do?

You should probably have several ideas on your list from the previous point. These are the things that you are really passionate about doing.

To continue with this exercise and be able to choose a market niche for your Blog, you must now filter this list of things that you are passionate about and leave only those in which you are good.

This part of the exercise is about selecting which of the items on the list you are an expert on or at least in which you have a lot of experience or know how to do it well.

I mean, we all know how to do something from our experiences. If you have worked for years in a company you know this sector and its consumers, if you have raised a family you know their tastes and needs, if you have spent the last 4 years in a university studying something you have learned after all.

Some are passionate about fishing even though they have worked for years in a bank. Some have learned languages by having lived in other countries, others who know a lot about tourist destinations because they love to travel and so on, the list becomes quite extensive ...

What all of them have in common is a deep knowledge of what they do, either from having studied it, from experience, or from doing this activity regularly.

Importance of Step 2

When you start a business based on your Blog, you must know what you are talking about. Otherwise, no one will follow you because they don't believe what you are saying or simply because you don't teach anything useful. You must provide value for your readers to follow you. I repeat what I said in a previous point, it is important at the beginning of the blog to write 1 or 2 weekly articles until Google takes you into account in its ranking. Can you imagine writing articles between 750 and 1500 words on topics that you do not know in depth several times a week? Or worse, having to respond to dozens of comments per day on topics that you have to inform yourself about before doing so.

Exercise: Take a sheet of paper and make a new list by points (items) but this time only select from the list in Step 1 (Things that really make you Passionate) the activities in which you have some talent or experience. This is the activity that you should dedicate yourself to, it is what you are passionate about and you know how to do very well.

Now you need to find out if this activity has a potential market that you can afford, so let's move on to step 3...

Other questions you should ask yourself to build your list of skills...

What's your story

Something that can help you put together your list of skills and what you do best is to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Have I helped someone in the past? A good option when looking for a niche for your blog that fits you is to think about what you have been good at helping a person in the past. I talk about simple things. If in the past you have helped several people through advice, you could create a blog about personal development or motivation. If you are good at resolving conflicts between your friends, you could take this skill online. They are just examples. If you don't know if you have helped someone in the past, you can call them and ask. In my case, before starting my first blog, I wrote some emails to friends asking them how I had helped them in their life or what my influence had been on them. Some told me that I had motivated them to undertake some activity that they did not previously encourage or I had opened the way to undertake a change in their life and now here I am working with digital entrepreneurs.
  2. Do I have a story to tell? The blogs that work best are those where people feel identified and believe in you because you show them that you are an authentic and real person, just like them. We all have an interesting story to tell. Probably you too, think about what you have done in recent years and if possible try to revolve your business around that. If you don’t have a good story to tell, it's time that you start living it and you could find many people who want to have the same experience, and for this reason, they start following you on your blog. In my case, I started working online while living in several countries. I managed to create an online business to generate a huge income that would allow me to live and travel. Now I find myself teaching how I did it and trying to get other people to replicate my model.

Step 3 - What Do People Need?

What do people need

You must define your ideal client and start writing exclusively for this group of people with specific needs.

There is no use in a blog that is dedicated to several different topics. At the beginning of your blog, it is better to concentrate all your efforts, your time, and energy on a single topic.

I'm not one of those who like specialization the most, but to get an audience that follows you, you have to specialize at least in the topic you write about. The best thing is to choose an issue or unresolved need in which a group of people is interested.

The idea is to focus on just one topic since it is very difficult for a single person to cover different topics in depth.

Other questions to ask yourself...

Are there enough people to pay for your service?

The number of people who belong to your blog niche may be enough to monetize it. Surely this is due to the globalization that the internet has reached. Today the number of people on the other side of the screen is enormous. If you have chosen well a blog niche that best suits what you like, and you know how to do, surely there will be clients on the other side waiting to solve their needs. There is a large English-speaking market to make a purchase online in exchange for your services or information products.

The niche is growing?

You can still analyze if your niche is in decline or growth using free tools such as:

  • Google Trends, Google AdWords allow you to know the volume and the number of searches made for a certain group of keywords (to search you must use the keywords that best describe your niche or the problem you want to address/solve).
  • Another free alternative is Google Instant. It is simply a matter of starting to type what you are looking for in the Google search bar and seeing what words automatically complete your search with. This is just a quick way to do niche research as it shows you some trends from Google users'.

Attention when choosing! A growth market niche does not mean that it’s good to dive in since the main positions have been filled. Starting in a declining market niche directly does not also make sense. Many times neutral results or searches that do not yield great results are positive since it would mean that this niche has not been excessively exploited. Here a good gateway to the world of professional blogging!

Get into action!

One reason that prevents you from starting could be analysis paralysis, another fear of rejection, excess perfectionism, and who knows if you are not "suffering" from the impostor syndrome when starting your business.

Do not waste time. Get into the action NOW!

It's useless to have found a good niche for your blog and not go ahead with your project. Here is the list of steps to follow. Today we have only seen point number 1 on this list:

  1. Find quickly the perfect niche for your Blog with the previous 3 steps.
  2. Create your Blog. You can take a quick course if you already have experience or here's my ultimate guide to starting your blog if you want to see how to start from scratch.
  3. Network. Spread it on social networks, comment on other blogs, write as a guest for other bloggers in the same area ( guest posting ).
  4. Offers value to capture a maximal audience. Create useful content for your followers. Design a quick course and offer it for free, conduct interviews with well-known people in your sector. The key is to offer value for free.
  5. Monetize your Blog. I leave you the link to know what products/services to sell online?

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments below!