How to make money with a blog: the 3 methods that work to create a stable and constant business

making money blogging

In this article, I will explain everything you have to do to make money with a blog. This means, to create content specifically to make money online.

First of all… congratulations!

If you find yourself on this article wondering how to make money with a blog, it means that you understand that before starting a blog you must understand how to monetize it.

Maybe now you are thinking:

“Before creating content to earn money... I have to understand how to earn... otherwise, how can I create content to earn?! ".

You won't believe it, but most people don't understand it! They think the money will come automatically (I'm not kidding).

But unlike you, you rightly understood that FIRST, you need to understand how to generate profit from a blog, and then create content that is consequent to that strategy. Right!!

With this mentality a few years ago (after losing my job, when I was starting my online business), after only 1 year, I was earning double my salary...

And this with a blog with only 4 articles!

In a very short time I will explain to you the practical methods I used, but first ...

Before talking about the 4 techniques that work even for those who start from scratch, I would like to answer one of the questions you are surely asking yourself...

How much does a blogger make?

A blogger with a simple personal blog can earn MUCH more than any employee earns. A blogger is to all intents and purposes an entrepreneur, and like any entrepreneur, he does not have a fixed salary and has no growth limits.

In my case, here are numbers:

  • After 6 months I was earning about $ 67.
  • After a few months with continuous fixed income (between $150 and $300 approximately).
  • After 1 year I exceeded $15,000 per year I was forced to open a VAT number (and don't worry about this, for now, you don't have to do it right away, you will only have to do it after you also earn continuously).
  • More or less every year, I have doubled. Please note that I started in 2012 (at first I was slow but I certainly didn't have the skills I have now).

But money aside, do you know what the best thing is? That I can go where I want, when I want, without obligations… carrying my business in my suitcase (just the computer).

A blog allows you to create something of your own, to live as you want, to decide your schedules and even your hell of vacation days.

It's obvious that to have this type of results you will have to work hard on your project, especially at the beginning...

But the alternative doesn't exist! If you want to earn serious money, you have to work hard on it. I can only tell you about my experience, the rest will depend on you.

Ok, at this point it's time to explain how to make money with a personal blog, even starting from scratch.

First point:

All the techniques I'm about to tell you about starting from one premise: you have to be specific (not generalist).

You won't be able to create a blog that talks about 36 different topics. You have to focus on just one.

Many ask me:

 “I'd like to start a cooking blog, but it should also be a travel blog where I can do it about travel… and I'd also like to talk about another passion of mine”.

My answer is always the same:

“Do you want to earn serious money with a blog and start a SUSTAINABLE business over time? You can't, you have to choose”.

You will need to write content for a specific niche, create a personal blog that classifies you as an expert in that niche, and you have to optimize earning methods to monetize that niche.

Don't get blocked by this "expert" word. To be considered an expert, you just need to start creating online content by putting your mind to it, and people will start classifying you as an expert (and you'll soon understand why).

But it is obvious that to achieve this you cannot talk about 50 different things, but choose a specific market where you can position yourself.

Here we are at the "hot" part of this article...

How to make money with a blog: the 3 best models ever to start and thrive

There are 3 main methods to make money with a blog, divided into 2 macro-categories:

  • Earning directly: Earnings are "passive", automatic. It does not mean that you will not have to work, but your earnings will be "disconnected" from your time. Your only concern will be getting people to your blog, where your articles and pages will do the rest
  • Earning indirectly: Your blog will be the tool to advertise yourself as a professional, thus promoting your services. In practice, the blog will not produce the profit by itself, but it will be the tool to get customers (and if you think it's not necessary, you will soon change your mind).

Below I will describe these 2 categories better, and for each one, I will list the most effective techniques to put them into practice… from today… starting from scratch.

How to make money with a blog: make money "directly"

If you want to start a blog to make money immediately without getting too structured and without opening other types of business, well, I think you will love the "direct" earning methods.

With these methods you will be able to earn passively:

Once you have created the "structure" of content, you will automatically earn without having to do practically anything  (you just have to worry about keeping your structure active and getting visitors).

Basically, there are 2 methods to make money with a blog like this:

  1. Making money with affiliates (affiliate marketing)
  2. Earn money by selling digital products (often called info products).

Below I will describe them to you in more detail.

# 1 - Making money with affiliates (affiliate marketing)

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used and most effective methods to make money with a blog, a method that can bring you excellent earnings and that on a practical level is feasible in a short time.

This is the best solution to start earning from home, a practice suitable for everyone, even for those who have never earned a single dollar online.

But what is affiliate marketing? How is it possible to make money on the internet through affiliations?

You must know that there are thousands of companies that allow you to "affiliate" with them. In practice, they will allow you to promote their products through your blog, and they will share the profits from the sale of the products with you.

By signing up (for free) to their affiliate programs, every time a person lands on their site via your blog, you will earn a percentage on the products purchased.

Let's see an example:

Making money with a blog: the training expert

If you are someone who has been training in the gym for a long time or otherwise has some knowledge of fitness and nutrition, you may want to give some great advice to newbies.

You would have a good influence! You would easily find people willing to listen to you and treasure your skills: it would be enough for you to open a blog and write a few articles.

In the meantime, you could join the affiliate program of a company that sells gym supplements or accessories, such as the Amazon affiliate program.

In some articles, you will suggest to visitors which products to buy to achieve certain goals, such as supplements and accessories for training.

So far everything clear right? You have to start a blog, write articles, and suggest products in these articles.

Let's continue.

For each product described you will insert an affiliate link.

What is it about? A link that will directly provide you with the company you are affiliated with, a personal link, which will allow the company to understand that the person arrived on their site through you.

And in fact, when a visitor clicks on the product you recommend, they will be directed to the page of the company that sells that product.

And now the most interesting part:

For every purchase made by the visitor, you will earn a percentage!

Let's go back to the example. What could a personal trainer do?

  • Create an article (for example about the best supplements)
  • He signs up for the affiliate program of a company that sells supplements
  • He inserts his affiliate links

And every time a visitor buys the products by going through the link, he will earn a percentage!

Making money with affiliates is very profitable.

The commissions offered on sales are good (on average around 10-50%). What does it mean? that if a purchase worth $500 is made from your affiliate link, you could potentially earn $250 online… and this simply by promoting other people's products (without “producing” anything).

The advantages are many:

  • You won't need an e-commerce
  • You won't need a warehouse
  • You won't need shipping services
  • (Generally) you won't need structure

And the great thing is that you don't need thousands of visits to your blog. It only takes a few visits from people interested in that topic (that's why you have to choose a single market, and position yourself as an expert in that market).

What are the best programs to join to make money on the internet through affiliations? 

There are many, to give you an idea I suggest some of the most famous, with products for all markets:

ShareASale: Featuring an ample marketplace full of vendors providing virtually all you can think of, there will always be excellent products to promote.

Clickbank: Similar to ShareASale,  is a vibrant marketplace packed with products that you can select and choose to promote depending on what your niche will be.

Amazon: on Amazon, you can really find everything! from electronics to books. Amazon is certainly one of the best answers to the question " how to make money with a blog ", as regardless of the topic covered you will find related products.

I gave you these 3 examples, but there are MANY others (even more profitable). For a more complete list, I suggest you read my post: The Best Affiliate Programs In 2020.

Before continuing with the other methods, however, I ABSOLUTELY need to clarify one thing about affiliations:

Making money with a blog with affiliate marketing is a VERY HONEST method (the most used by bloggers and Youtubers).

Certainly, if you promote creams for the elongation of the p ** e, strange cures against certain diseases, miraculous methods, etc.

Then it is unethical...

But it is unethical because of the product you promote, not because of the “affiliation” method.

A visitor who purchases a product from a site through your affiliate link will not pay ANYTHING more because of the affiliation!

You earn because the affiliate company (e.g. Amazon) gives part of its earnings to incentivize bloggers to promote them (otherwise they wouldn't).

The company still makes money; it is not that it is making a loss because of the commissions it pays to the affiliates. But at the same time, it increases its visibility and the number of commercial transactions.

Let's take an example:

Let's say you want to talk about cooking and promote a steak grill, and this one on Amazon sells for $ 100.

If a person comes to the Amazon page that sells the grill via your blog and buys the product, they will still spend $100, nothing more!

Amazon will give up a percentage of its earnings to give it to you (it sold through you, it has to reward you).

It is evident that there is no point in promoting all the products of a certain category, otherwise, you would not only not provide a useful service (the basis for generating trust) but you would also lose your credibility!

What's the point of recommending everything? You need to make life easier for your visitors and speed up their choice process. !

Of course, before you start writing articles you must have a blog, and it just so happened that I wrote the most complete and most-read article on the subject: How to start a blog and make money online in 20201

# 2 - Make money by selling a digital product

We said that a blog is a MEANS to promote SOMETHING using your EXPERT positioning.

If you create content that classifies you as an expert in the eyes of your visitors, you can influence their purchases (hence the term “influencer”).

And so far, we should be there.

But now follow me:

If you can offer products from others (for example affiliate products) what prevents you from earning money by selling YOUR products?

If you choose a profitable market niche, where people are interested in the information you share for free, some of these people will also be interested in purchasing additional information...

And so writing an eBook, creating a video course, or more generally creating a digital information product is another great way to work from home.

  • The blog will be the platform that generates traffic, educates it, and classifies you as an expert
  • Your advanced courses will be for that circle of your audience that, including your skills, will want to achieve more

Note:   You must not think that to be considered an expert you need a degree: each of us has skills in "something" higher than 95% of other people (or in any case can create them by reading books or with other types of experiences).

And consequently, you can also easily understand that it is NOT necessary to create advanced courses.

Let's see an example to clarify this concept:

  • If you have followed a guitar course for 2 years, even if right now you are not an "established" musician, you certainly have more skills than a rookie.
  • And if you have a blog where you already give free information, the visitor will understand that you are competent and will classify you as an "expert" from which they can learn something
  • And if you sell your video course that talks about the basics of learning to play the instrument, some of your visitors will be interested in buying it (they are reading a blog on the basics of learning to play the guitar ... and you are selling a video course for solving this need).

Clear? It's not that you have to create the product for already experienced people.

This is the mistake made by most beginners trying to sell information related to internet marketing and online earnings: basically, after they have acquired a couple of skills, they try to classify themselves as super experts and sell their courses. … Without a shred of proof of their effectiveness!

Don't make this mistake! Create a product for a circle of people suited to your expertise!

  • If you are a super personal trainer, you can create your own fitness product for advanced athletes
  • If, on the other hand, you are simply one with a beautiful body and a little experience, you will have to create it for those who have less than you


  • I can create advanced training to generate profit from content (and I will create it! )
  • But if you want to enter the internet marketing market, but don't have serious results, start by creating a basic course STATING that it's a basic course.

Anyway, nothing will change! Simply, the super personal trainer's clients will be different than the guy with the decent physique, just as my clients will be different from yours. Those who buy from one will not be attracted to the other, and vice versa.

And the great thing is that if you really understand this concept, you can also realize that from today to 15 days you could become expert enough to create a course in ANY market niche because it would be enough for you to read and study a few books/videos / other courses!

If you study for 15 days, today's I could learn from YOU in 15 days, is that true or not?

Remember that you don't have to write a 1000-page masterpiece or create a 40-hour video-course: the important thing is that the contents of your course lead the "customer" to reach the promised goal.

Basically, if you say you know how to do "X", your course must allow your customers to do "X"... and you would not be cheating anyone, but rather, you would be helping them.

I realize that affiliations are easier and faster to start making money with a blog, but also creating your own online course could bring you enormous monetary advantages, so don't rule it out a priori ok?

Let's see a numerical example to make you understand the potential of this method:

Let's say I decide to create an ebook to sell for $8.

Even with just one sale a day you would earn 8 × 30 = 240 dollars per month.

Starting from this assumption, what would happen if you sold 10 e-books a day?

You would earn $2400 per month!

But this can be considered the simple starting point.

Think about it:

What if I wrote more than one eBook?

What if I also created a video course to sell for $197?

Keep in mind one thing: you can easily sell a more in-depth eBook for $20-30, a video course for $100-500, and more!

If you create a good video course and sell it for $250, with only one sale per week you will be able to earn $1000 per month, with a sale per day you would earn $7500 per month.

Remember that the info product you will have to create only once, after which for each purchase you will earn passively without doing anything more and you can dedicate yourself to other info products or other methods of earning (passive earning!)

Note: Passive earning does not mean "doing nothing", does not mean earning with a blog without doing anything, but untying time from earning. Always remember! Don't make me look like those scoundrels who tell you to sell your passion so you'll make money without doing anything.

How to make money with a blog: earning in an "indirect" way

We said that a blog is a MEANS to promote SOMETHING using your EXPERT positioning.

What does it mean to earn indirectly?

Once you generate visits to your blog, the earnings will not come from a completely automatic mechanism - as in the case of affiliations and the sale of digital products - but from subsequent actions.

The blog becomes a means to find customers for your services/consultancy.

There are many professionals who earn thanks to their skills, but tell me:

  • How many have a blog that showcases them?
  • How many tests their skills to potential customers?
  • How many create a relationship with the potential customer even before knowing him?

For a blogger, finding new customers online (which is always about making money with the internet) is easier than for a professional who only relies on offline advertising and word of mouth among former customers:

A blog creates a RELATIONSHIP of trust, DEMONSTRATES your skills, and positions you at the brand level.

By becoming an expert figure, recognized in a certain niche, you will have a huge advantage over your competitors:

  • The first logical advantage is visibility: among the readers of your blog, there will be people who will contact you directly to request your services. Those who work offline do not have this power and can only use other forms of "offline" advertising and word of mouth (much less powerful)
  • The second advantage is the higher profit margin: if you work well on personal branding you will have the possibility to ask for a higher fee.
  • It's natural, isn't it? Try to think about a popular blogger in a specific niche:
  • His blog is very popular, so he has many people who ask for his advice, for example.
  • But taking into account that counseling is only one of the methods he uses to make money, he probably doesn't prefer to spend too much time on it, and on average he will only accept minimum monthly sessions.
  • What happens then? That many people are excluded from his service because his time is limited.
  • And consequently, despite having prices that many of you will think absurd ($500 per hour, for example), he will still find "selected" customers and optimize his times

I'm not telling you that you MUST start from scratch by selling $ 1000 an hour advice on your blog (although you could easily do it…). For now, I just want you to understand that you have this option (… and with higher prices too).

Consulting is just an example, on your blog you can make money with any type of service that makes sense to sell online.

If you are a professional (lawyer, dentist, psychologist, architect, web developer, etc.) you have the possibility to PROMOTE your service through your blog.

How to make money blogging with advice and services?

  • Create a blog and choose your specific topic
  • On one page you describe your service(portfolio)
  • Enter a contact form
  • Make page links visible on your blog

I don't know what you do or what you would like to do but (leaving out the jobs for which a degree is mandatory, as the lawyer) I can assure you that you can position yourself as an expert in any field and sell related services to an interested audience.

For example, there are people who have specialized in personal growth, time management, finance management, real estate investments... but also image consultants, fitness consultants, and sports trainers, dog training experts!

In practice, every profitable market niche offers the possibility of offering a service to an audience of interested people. The more specific the service, the more you can afford to ask for a high price.

You just have to choose your market niche, and create a blog that will promote your service.

Making Money Blogging: Other Methods?

I can't complete my list without talking about other better-known methods (even if I'm not a fan):

Google Ads

Google's advertising program (Google AdSense) is the best-known source of income for bloggers. when you sign up with Google AdSense you can download a special plugin for WordPress. Then you place an ad unit on your site with a few clicks. Google itself searches for relevant advertisements for your articles. For example, if you blog about writing, ads for writing courses or books about writing will appear. If you write about cars, your readers will see offers from lease companies. Making money with blogging through advertisements is not a piggy bank. On average, an ad yields approximately 0.50 cents per click.

Sponsored blog posts

Blogging about other company services or products in exchange for money. That's basically what you do when writing a sponsored blog post.

You can create an advertiser page on your blog explaining that you are open to sponsored blog posts. Make sure you make clear agreements in advance about the tone and content of the article. A sponsored blog post is not an uncritical advertising text. It remains your blog. A little objectivity is also good for your customer. If you mention some criticisms of the product you are discussing, your readers will also be more likely to take your positive comments as true.

Sell Subscription/membership

With a membership area, you set up a kind of VIP area on your blog. This is where you post articles for readers who purchase a paid membership. That way you can earn extra money monthly from blogging.

A membership site works especially if you regularly (every week or month) share specific knowledge that people can benefit from immediately, for example at work. You can easily set up a membership part of your site with a WordPress plugin like Memberpress or Restrict Content Pro and earn extra money with blogging.

Making Money Blogging: Which Is The Best Method?

In this article, I wanted to explain to you how to make money on the internet using a blog, the best way to create content, and become a recognized expert who can promote products and services.

The blog will be your tool independent from external tools: you will not depend on Facebook; you will not depend on YouTube...

You can use them to share your videos and articles, but you won't be addicted!

It's important! Think about those who do business using for example only YouTube: what would happen if YouTube closed or became paid overnight? End!

Instead, if you learn how to create a blog with the correct method, you will have your solid presence on the web, able to generate pre-segmented traffic (interested in what you have to say and offer) without the need to use paid advertising and need to create hundreds of articles.

Now, before I reveal to you which is the best method among those described so far, I would like to make you think about one thing.

Many people believe that making money blogging or working from home, in general, is not a "serious" business.

These people are influenced by the environment around them, and consequently fail to realize that an online business can not only be considered more serious than other forms of business, but also more profitable.

Let's take an example to make you understand the conceptual error of these people.

Think of a professional paid by the hour, for example, a psychologist.

Regardless of the “what”, the professional in this case performs a service to improve the client's life and solve his problems/desires.

In the "psychologist" example, the performance is followed in the studio, on the classic movie armchair.

But now think about this:

What would change if this service were carried out through consultation via Skype? Of course, there would be some differences, but it is undeniable that a serious professional would know how to solve his patient/client's problems even through a remote consultation on the PC.

And from here you understand why I talked about making money with a blog: the blog becomes the tool through which customers can book remote consulting.


The professional, after a certain period of time, will realize that there are common problems among his clients. You will realize that some problems are solved in the same way...

And as a result, he could create his own info product to sell online through his blog! It would be enough for him to record videos to replace his advice.

In this way, his customer base would be potentially unlimited, because he will no longer have to manage customers one at a time, but will be able to serve them better without wasting even a second of his time.

And in the meantime, it could use its content (videos and articles) to promote affiliate products.

Where do I want to go with this example?

I want to make you imagine your possible future.

You could live anywhere you want, without depending on any boss, and support yourself (and your family) through a content system designed to generate profit.

It would be enough for you to choose a market niche, create a blog, and start writing articles (or shooting videos) for a specific target people interested in the topic you want to cover.

  • You will earn by promoting affiliate products. (STEP 1)
  • You will be able to find clients for your services or your consultancy in general (STEP 2).
  • You will be able to create a digital information product to sell through your blog (STEP 3)

Do you want to work from home? Forget and bullshit about easy money, and start making your own!

There is no better method among the methods described...

The best way is to start and stop making excuses to postpone!

Start today, start affiliations if you want to make money quickly, but always look to the future. See your blog as a business, a growing business.

Become an entrepreneur.

Is the person you are today unable to create such a thing? Then change!

You can change too. None of those who did it were born with the "gift".

You can do it too! I've made all the resources available to you to get started.

You have discovered how to make money with a blog. Do you want to see something more practical?

That's all for today, I wish you a good job!

If you have any questions please feel free to use the comments section below.

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments below!