How to Promote your Blog: The 24 Free Best Formulas (Tested)

How to generate trafic to your blog

Knowing how to promote a blog with your post and content is one of the tasks that you must learn to do from the first moment you have started your first blog. Whatever your niche, travel, tourism, fashion, or any other subject.

Not only you will have to fill it with valuable content for your fans, but you will also have to explain everything in a clear and well-structured language, in addition to other issues that you will have to face in the best possible way. That’s will be the key to this objective of advertising, promoting, and publicize your blog.

That's why today we are going to see up to 24 proven and free formulas that will help you promote your blog:

How to promote a blog: steps to follow

Prepare the content of the blog that you want to promote: The preliminary phase.

When you start a blog, the first thing you have to do before you start looking for its maximum visibility is to have it ready for when readers arrive.

Let's say that this is a PREVIOUS phase that you must take care of with great affection since it will largely depend on whether your blog is attractive enough to be considered within the blogosphere.

To do this, you must have previously defined aspects such as:

  • The niche of the blog, such as a travel blog
  • Your Keywords are well selected.
  • Defined the audience you are targeting.
  • Careful designs and images.
  • Correct content structure.
  • If you are starting out, write at least 5 or 6 posts before launching your blog.
  • If you already have content created, categorize each post correctly.

1. How to promote a blog to attract visitors? thanks to traffic from Google

One of the biggest sources of traffic and promotion of your blog is undoubtedly the one that you can take from the search engines.

For this, you must know some essential aspects of how to do SEO for your blog.

For example:

  • The keyword should be in the title of the post as far as the first words as possible.
  • This keyword should be repeated throughout the text (without excess to avoid penalties, less than 3% of the full text) and in some subtitles to reinforce it.
  • The text will be structured in a staggered manner:
    • H1: Post title
    • H2: Head Paragraph Titles
    • H3: H2 Subtitle
    • H4: H3 Subtitle
    • ………
  • Put internal and external links to reinforce the content.
  • Write an adequate meta description including the Keywords.
  • Include images that also bear the Keywords.
  • The length of the text should be at least 1,000 or 1,200 words. If you can increase it, the better. As a curiosity I will tell you that this post that you are reading reaches almost 2,400 words)
  • You should also put the target keywords in the first paragraph (The first 100 words of your post).
  • Take into account the length of the SEO title so that it is fully visible in the results that search engines show.
  • Include the keyword in the URL.
  • Use helper plugins for your WordPress blog like Yoast Seo, which is a must today.

2.How to promote a blog through Facebook

Social networks are very important as tools to promote your blog and the Facebook platform is one of them.

You must have your own blog page optimized and adjusted to your needs. Remember that if the time comes when you want to invest in advertising on Facebook, you cannot do it from a personal profile.

Look for groups that deal with the niche of your blog to share all your content in them. Remember that at the same time you must be active and comment on both your publications and those of others. This will generate a lot of visibility and will help you in promoting your blog.

You can also create your own group where you are the administrator and the one who will choose the niche.

If one day you see that you have a budget, do not hesitate to invest in Facebook Ads as it's cheap and gives good results.

Post at the most appropriate hours. Do various tests over a period of time. Normally on Facebook, the interval that goes from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. is usually a good time.

Try to generate conversation on your wall and with your publications to find an optimal reach for it.

Be original in your publications as this will generate likes and shares that will help you increase your visibility.

3. Use Twitter to promote a blog

Twitter can be another great tool whose use is quite different from Facebook and requires an initial learning period.

Investigate first if your target audience is on this social network and use the power of Twitter to promote your blog.

To do this, seek to gain visibility through a good "content curation" that is, not only dedicate yourself to offering your own content but also that of others related to your topic.

This will help you a lot to earn a name and boost your branding.

Look for growth in followers and do work to get followers on Twitter regularly, dedicating a few days a week to it.

Spread the content you generate on your blog and interact with that of others.

Try to be consistent and post about 15 tweets a day spread throughout the day.

Note: It's usual and "necessary" to repeat the most interesting tweets since their lives are short.

Look for influencers in your sector and interact with them to get their attention.

4. Pinterest and Instagram to promote your blog

Both Pinterest and Instagram are visual social networks and it could be a good idea that you will use them to promote your blog but taking this feature into account.

In the case of Pinterest, remember that it's based on images classified in boards, so if you have quality photos or interesting infographics, you can surely stand out on this social network.

In the case of Instagram, you can use it more to branding your brand or blog using creativity and strategic use of hashtags to a greater extent.

5. Use YouTube and videos

One of the ways you have to promote your blog is to use platforms such as YouTube that allow you to upload videos in which you tell a story and using a good SEO strategy on YouTube, then you can reach more audiences and increase your visibility.

You can also insert it in your blog and thereby get your readers to stay longer on your blog, an aspect that Google takes into account in terms of ranking on its search engine.

6. Social buttons: recommended plugins

Another issue that you have to face to get good promotion for your blog, is to make it as easy as possible to share your content on social networks.

Use the resources you have at your disposal to place social buttons on your blog.

If you are using WordPress, you have countless plugins to insert these buttons.

My recommendation is that you use:

  • Monarch
  • Social Warefare
  • Sumome

They are good options to promote your blog on social networks with ease.

7. Hashtags to promote a blog.

The purpose of hashtags is to place labels that mean a concept through which the topic being discussed is known in a way that facilitates participation.

They also increase the chances of being found on social networks when someone shows interest in that topic.

Its use helps you to expand the content of your blog.

8. Content aggregators, another way to promote a blog.

Content aggregators are sites where users upload links from different websites and topics, which they tag and place in the corresponding category so that the rest of the users of the community give their vote to those contents they like the most, reaching or not the cover according to the number of votes.

9. Forums

Content aggregators are sites where users upload links from different websites and topics, which they tag and place in the corresponding category so that the rest of the users of the community give their vote to those contents they like the most, reaching or not the cover according to the number of votes.

10. Interact with other bloggers

Depending on the niche of your blog, one of the ways that you can generate a great promotion for your blog is to interact with other bloggers in the same sector who, like you, seek to achieve greater recognition.

If you spread their blog and its content, they will do the same for you in the vast majority of cases, creating communities with a lot of networking, and it's a win-win for everyone.

11. Make comments on other blogs and answer those made to you.

Like the previous point, if you take the time to visit these "friends" blogs. It's always good to participate through the comments on the different posts they are publishing. It's another way to generate ties and benefits that will return you.

12. Look for influencers of your theme.

There are influencers in various topics that have many followers and from whom you can get great benefits.

For this, you can get their attention with mentions in your content and sending them that mention that they will probably spread among their followers, being one more push to promote your blog.

13. Use images and interactive content to help spread it

Visual content hooks the user and increases the chances that they will spread your content on their social networks.

According to Buffer, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks, and articles that contain one image for every 75-100 words of text have twice the chance of being disseminated on social networks than others with fewer images (Buzzsumo, 2015).

In this marketing statistics report by Hubspot, you have some very interesting data.

14. Optimize the titles of your blog posts.

A good, attractive, and interesting title will generate a lot of clicks and diffusion.

Try to optimize them as much as possible by giving them several turns until you find the best formula.

Some techniques can help you in this work.

Here are some of them for you to read carefully:

How to write impact titles that trigger visits to your blog

15. Include your digital signatures

When you send an email you have the possibility to attach your professional signature to it.

The good idea is to use tools that allow you to include links to your social networks and your blog, such as:

  • MySignature
  • WiseStamp

16. Have a lead magnet on your blog.

A lead magnet is content that you offer for free on your blog and through which you get data from an interested user (name, email….). In this blog, you have an example of a lead magnet through a free ebook.

17. Etiquette when appropriate

Whether you have mentioned some other blog or if your content could be useful to other users you already know, you can get their attention by tagging them in your social media posts so that they receive a notification about this content.

It is something that you can do from time to time but without overdoing it, otherwise, it could be annoying.

18. Use the content upgrade to bring your old posts back to life.

The content update is a technique that consists in that those posts that have not managed to position themselves in Google, give them an extra push by reviewing the text you have written and increasing its content by 25% or 30% more.

It's usually quite effective if you do it correctly and it could give you the possibility to climb some positions in the search engine and gain visibility.

19. Open your blog to guest blog

Guest blogging is a common practice among blogs how a blogger is given space to write a post as a guest author.

The advantages are usually for both parties since it's usually the blog that is open to guest blogging allows several do-follow links to be placed towards the author's blog, with which he obtains backlinks as a reward.

Besides, the content is promoted on social media and the audience of both blogs, thus helping each other to gain visibility.

20. Write in other digital media to promote your blog

Also do the opposite action to which you have commented previously and find yourself, blogs that are open to guest blogging.

In addition to this practice, there are other digital media that allow external collaborators to write in their publications.

21. Make a collaborative post where other bloggers give their opinion

Another way you have to publicize a blog is to promote an interview-type post or opinion, where you bring together several well-known bloggers on a topic.

The usual thing is that once the post is published, all those who are mentioned in their content will spread it among their audience with which your blog will be promoted a lot.

22. Infographics

Infographics are extremely attractive to users since all the information is concentrated in one place as a summary with highly visual graphics and design elements that facilitate their understanding and memorization.

They are perfect for distribution on social networks and very well accepted by users, which will help you spread them.

23. Contests to publicize your blog

If you want to have a high degree of exposure for your blog, learn to run a contest on social networks, and the visibility will be very high.

I assure you that many new users will meet you, So thanks to a good contest.

24. Webinars

Finally, and depending on the type of your blog topic is about (since it would not work in some cases), you can hold free webinars in which you talk about a specific topic and where users can clarify the various doubts they have regarding that topic.

This way, you can spread your blog and generate various leads and visibility at key moments.

As a final note, I would recommend that you never forget or waste the offline channel (cards, t-shirts, pens ...) as it's a good way to promote your blog to another audience.

So, do you already know how to promote a blog?

Or, can you think of any other ideas to learn how to promote a blog?

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments below!