How to write catchy headlines and titles that generate visits to your blog

Write Powerful headlines

One of the most important elements when writing a blog post is to write titles that engage the audience interested in the content of your blog.

Today in this post, I am going to share with you several tips and guidelines that will give you the keys to write the best headlines that you will later share on social networks and your blogs and will attract readers and visits more easily. As always they will be based on my experience and my analysis of other companies.

Why the title of an article on your blog is so important?

In the midst of all this global informative and advertising bombardment to which we are subjected daily, the ability we have to make a good title of a post or article for our blog is so important or "almost more" than the content itself.

We are saturated with so much information on all sides that we are not able to absorb it in its entirety, so we mentally make an internal classification that usually obeys reasons of personal or professional interest and circumstances and that is where content marketing acquires a relevant role.

One of the challenges of content marketing is to win the hearts of consumers to create that emotional bond that unites you with them.

Therefore, you must be able to draw attention to CONVINCE the user that your article is interesting and useful enough for them to spend a few minutes reading it.

The three steps to build the title for your blog post

Just as a few days ago, we were looking at several simple but practical tricks that could help us increase the clicks for our publications on social networks. The first step will always be to ask ourselves what title we are going to give for each post that we have in our blogs.

For this, I am going to propose THREE essential steps that will help you achieve the best title for your blog:


The value proposition that you are making is the main reason why your readers are going to enter your blog to know what you are telling them.

Therefore, it must be useful and interesting enough so that the reader of your blog has the desire to learn more about the topic you are proposing.

Your value proposition has to transmit a benefit related to the interests of your targeted audience.


The keyword you choose will be decisive when it comes to ranking your blog in one way or another in the search engines, either in Google, Yahoo, or the one you usually use.

For this work, some tools can help you considerably.

A correct choice of keywords will be a determining element in the ranking of your content.


In addition to the fact that the content you are offering is interesting, there is a very important part that you must work on and that will be decisive when a user chooses to read your content compared to similar content from the competition. That is where the key to your success is.

On the internet, there is so much information and everything is so similar that you must develop enough skills so that your content is the one that, through the title that you have optimized, is the one chosen to read.

Optimizing the title of articles on your blog will considerably increase visits.

Tips to create a viral title that hooks the readers of your blog

We are going to see some effective ways to write titles that are sure to hook your readers.

1) Use numbers in the titles of your blog posts

Practically all professional bloggers agree that there is an evident increase in clicks on posts that carry a number in their statement.

That is, the number attracts visitors.

You can apply it in several ways. For example:

How to save more than 50% on your ads campaign.

10 essential tricks to rank No. 1 on google.

2) Choose the TOP words

Certain words have a greater impact on individuals and that attract their attention to your content.

For this reason, I am going to leave you a compilation of those words that will act as a magnet for your articles and whose effectiveness has been compared by important copywriting references.

Some will be more appropriate than others for the blogging industry and others will be more applicable in different sectors.

Choose the most appropriate according to your particular case and create the best combinations:

Shocking / Impressive / Epic / Elegant / Crazy / Fascinating / Amazing / Pretty / Seductive / Fantastic / Brilliant / Powerful / Success / Valuable / Irresistible / Formula / Recommendations / Build / Create / Get / Profit / Discover / Search / Improve / Win / Grow / Generate / Increase / Optimize / Exceed / Free / Sale / New / Professional / Guaranteed / Special / Tested / Better / Immediately / Limited / Powerful / Large / Popular / Exclusive / Valuable / How / Unlimited / Discount / Low Cost / Launch / Skill / Reduced / the best / Huge / Stand out / Useful / Survival / Biggest / Colossal / Now / Fortune / Authentic / Handy / Attention / Interesting / Challenge / Expert / Tips / the truth about / Compare / Latest / Attractive / Easy / Proven / Complete / Groundbreaking / Here it is / Just arrived / Traced back / Beautiful / Growing up / Promising / Amazing / Imagine / the greatest / The Last / Important / Urgent / Amazing / Exciting / Reve lador / Sensational / Excellent / Remarkable / Obsession / Unique / Daring / Pioneer / Destiny / Unsurpassed / Authentic / Last Chance / Explode / Quality / Gigantic / Trusted / Great / Emerging / Profitable... Source: Coschedule

3) Always accompany with a striking image

Image is essential in any aspect of marketing, both online and offline, and of course in blogging.

It must always accompany the meaning of the title and help it to exercise the action of the click to encourage the visitors to your blog.

You can use Canva as a design tool with which you can create spectacular covers without being an expert in the field. You can also use free image banks to use on your blog:

4) Size DOES matter

The length influences the effectiveness of a title more than it seems, tilting the balance towards not too long sentences.

Therefore, not only you must choose the right words and the perfect structure, but it must be around a certain length.

This length is convenient for you to adapt to each of the media, that is, you will take into account its dissemination on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and you will also choose the title with the appropriate length for the search engine (approx. Over 70 characters).

You can handle all of this easily from the Yoast SEO plugin.

According to Hubspot studies based on their own research, they have concluded that, in general terms, the best measures are:

1) Blog Posts

The ideal length for the post title: Around 70 characters.

The ideal length for blog content: Around 1,600 characters or 7 minutes of reading.

The ideal length for meta description: Around 155 characters or less.

2) Facebook

The ideal length for publication: Around 40 characters

3) Twitter

The ideal length for a tweet without a link: Around 100 characters.

The ideal length for a linked tweet: Around 120 characters

Formulas that work for a viral headline

To help you in your work to write the title that hooks your readers and brings you visits to your blog, you can use as a base a series of formulas or phrase ideas that I find super practical and which will make this task easier for you.


In general terms:


Some ideas:

How to ____ in [#] easy steps
How to do / be for____
How to find ____
How to get more ____ even if ____
How to know if ____
How to ____ the right way
How I became _______
How to convert _________
How to _________ as an expert
How to create ________ that works for you______
How to win with _________
How to create the perfect _________
How to start your _________
EXAMPLE: How to Choose the Perfect Niche for your Blog in 3 Easy Steps.

Fast guide:
Complete guide to ____
Last guide: ____
Advanced Guide: ____
Beginner's Guide: ____
Practical Guide: ____
EXAMPLE: Complete Guide: How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online In 2020.

[No.] Things that ______ don't tell you
[No.] ____ that everyone should have
[No.] Questions to ask yourself before _____
[No.] Secrets for ____
[No.] Things nobody tells you about____
What you should not miss if ____
This is what happens when ____
[No.] Tricks _____
EXAMPLE: 5 things nobody tells you about Google ranking

 [No.] ____ Trends for [year]
[No.] ____ to take into account for____
Definitive checklist_____
[No.] Key benefits for ____
[No.] Things you need to know before ____
[No.] Ideas to awaken your _______
[No.] Undeniable signs that _____
[No.] Signs that you are ready to _______
[Nº] Obstacles to success _________
[No.] Reasons why you will not have ____
The [No.] commandments of____
EXAMPLE: TOP website to get the best WordPress templates in 2021

 [No.] Incredibles ____ to try now
[No.] Amazing facts about ________
[No.] ____ for the most incredible ____
[No.] ____ that we love
[No.] Surprising ____
[No.] Super Tips _____
Amazing stories from _________
[No.] Things you didn't know about _____
[No.] Strange but effective _____ for
[No.] Awesome ________ for ______
[Nº] ________ Impressive that will make you ________
Do you like____? Then you will love it ____
EXAMPLE: 20 Stunning WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your blog Profesional.

[No.] ___ that will help you become __
[No.] Ways to ____ Demonstrated!
[No.] Rules for ____
[No.] Habits of ____
[No.] ideas for ____
The [No.] best ways to ____
The [No.] essential things for ____
[No.] Examples of ____ to inspire you
[No.] Tips for _____
[No.] Signs that you ____
[No.] _________ ways to start your _________
[No.] Magnificent ways to _____ without_____
[No.] Tips for effortless _________
Dos and Don'ts for _________
Why ___ is the key to ____
What to do if_____
EXAMPLE: 17 Tips that you Need to Improve your Blog.

[No.] Errors that I would never repeat in___
[No.] Incorrect forms of____
[No.] ______ big mistakes and how to fix them
The most common mistakes when _____
[No.] Rookie mistakes _____ to avoid
How to be the worst in _____ in [#] easy steps
How not to become a _____
[No.] Signs that it is time for _____
[No.] Lessons on how not to _______
[No.] Things you should never do _____
EXAMPLE: 17 Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes And How To Avoid Them.

[No.] Tips for____in less than [time]
[No.] ___ what you need to do before ____ [time]
EXAMPLE: Start your blog in less than 20min.

Anatomy of_____
The art of_____
The [No.] habits of the highly____
[No.] ____What do you need to know if____
EXAMPLE: Start your blog in less than 20min.

Tools that help you generate blog post titles

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The Coschedule Headline Analyzer will analyze and rate the blog title based on various parameters, and will also make interesting suggestions to improve it.

An excellent resource for your blog.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator helps you get inspiration for your blog headlines. You can put 1 to 3 Words and a maximum of 5 ideas are generated.

Portent Tool Idea Generator

Portent Tool Idea Generator is an original tool that will provide you with curious compositions about a keyword.

Link Bait Generator

Just by entering your keyword in the box, you will get great ideas that you can use in your blog.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

With this tool, you will obtain a score on the degree of emotional empathy that your degree (EMV- Emotional Marketing Tool) can have as a basis for analyzing your degree of impact.


Another way to see suggestions for the titles of your blog based on a specific keyword that you enter in the corresponding box.

And you, how do you write the titles on your blog?

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments below!