About The SmartSafeInvest

Adam O'Callaghan Image ProfileMy name is Adam O'Callaghan, and I was lucky enough to get started my personal blog in the early 2000s (2004 exactly). It was a time when the internet started to flourish. After many years I was surprised when I found that I was more enjoying the technical aspects of blogging than the writing part.

This gave me the opportunity - after many desperate questions from other non-technical persons - to teach others how to start a blog and make money, and provide them with many services like graphic design, web design, blog coaching, SEO, and technical consulting.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of writing posts. But I love to share my thoughts and ideas since other people love to read them. So, I Created SmartSafeInvest to provides tips and instructions to help beginners and intermediates to make money online.

Why this blog?

When I googled "how to make money online" In 2016, there were plenty of articles but no place where were all organized. I created therefore SmartSafeInvest for this goal. List all the methods, tips, and tricks that will help you make money outside your fulltime job, or just inspire you on how to start your own online business.

What methods I talk about?

SmartSafeInvest covers tried and proven ways to earn money. You can find some of these methods on the Internet, others not; some need startup capital, others don't; some will need special skills, others not. There's something for every taste and every generation.
I say it loud and clear if a method is a scam. But if it works, I'm going to explain to you how you can make money with.

More miracle methods?

The "miracle methods" are probably scams, and on Smart Safe Invest, I bluntly explained them. So don't worry, I'm just talking about what worked for me or others.

I hope you like this blog, and that will help you earn a couple or even hundreds of dollars.

This is the objective of Smart Safe Invest, which help you to grow your business and together form a helpful community, who give each other great tips.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to use the contact form.

Enjoy your reading.


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